Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Superhero Headquarters.

Well, I stayed away from crafting for what, 2 weeks? and a busy two weeks it's been. The new project was somewhat spur-of-the-moment. Landon has been absolutely obsessed with the SuperHero Squad on DVD and the Marvel comics action figures he has from McDonald's. He plays with them for hours on end, staging elaborate fights and plotlines only he can follow.

I'm so excited. I know Landon loves playing with the peg people I made a few months ago for our trip to Arkansas. We decided earlier this summer that their Christmas would be only homemade gifts from us (and we will only give homemade Christmas gifts) and I've been focusing on both boys as one singular kid because a lot of the toys will be "sharing" toys. with their birthdays 1 month after Christmas, they don't need a ton of things anyways. Landon is hoping for a new bike, and once he learns how to get on a bike without throwing it to the ground and scraping it all up, that seems like a nice present for his birthday. Oliver... is a baby and he doesn't really have preferences yet. I know Landon was a lot of guesswork at this age. He plays with super heroes and figurines like Landon and he likes cars and trucks.

Anyways, I've really wanted to have a a few little houses and buildings for them to play with their peg people and I found a few that will work perfectly. But one I couldn't wait for and I did it this weekend. I'm glad because he can't keep his paws off it and he LOVES it so much.




I didn't do as well as I hoped to, but I threw it together in one evening with items I had on hand. I mod podged "marble" and "metal" flooring and a map on the wall. I also painted some cubes gold and silver and added rhinestones for flashing lights (command center) I figured I'll make a few things of furniture and matching peg people so they are sets and hopefully the boys can share (LOL) and I'll come up with a few other gifts too.

So after I worked on that i did work on a Christmas present:




I'm not good at withholding gifts so hopefully I can wait. because how awesome is that???????

I painted a barn yesterday :)

next step up, ghetto Jedi robes. I used muslin and made a tank top and ai have some corduroy to dye dark brown. they are wearing khakis and Landon has blue rainboots. classy, no?

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