Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm so excited! I finally opened an etsy. I've sold one thing (a custom for a friend) but I'm working on peg people. they are my new obsession and people seem to love them. there are so many better pegs online, but you know, I suppose part of the charm is the childlike quality of my crude drawing ability. the point is I'm able to at least portray someone well enough that people can generally guess who they are. I've not posted about them at all. I started out making them for our trip to Arkansas a few months back, and thought they were a riot. the boys loved them and I decided to start thinking about other ways to do them. I made some superheroes to go in the superhero headquarters, and I made bad guys, and halloween guys, and i'm working on a few other ideas. my niece received a fairy box for her birthday and apparently it's also a big hit at her house and my nephews are requesting manly pegs. I'm going to start listing them soon, maybe at the end of the week.
I'm so excited about them that I'm neglecting every thing else.


Here is a sample. I'm very excited to share them in the next few days.



I heard a rumor Superman's curl is the wrong way. pretend he's looking in a mirror ok?

I'm most excited about the ones I have planned soon. I'll keep you posted.

in family news, the boys have discovered the joys of tempera paint. We splatter painted with squirt bottles and then we used flyswatters to paint on paper. In the process the boys colored each other. Oliver's hair is still green at the scalp.




This reinforces the idea that I'm a fun and crafty mom who nurtures my kids creativity. it doesn't matter that my house is perpetually messy and could use a good mopping. fun is more important... right? RIGHT??!!

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