Monday, February 14, 2011

Mod Podge ROCKS!

Seriously folks, I know I go in spurts of things I like, but right now it is definitely Mod Podge. I've gone through a billion bottles this weekend and it has been FANTASTIC.

I know I told you earlier that I was working on my dream craft room. I finally got the right lens for my camera so I will take pictures a little bit later (when it's a bit cleaner) but I wanted to share a few of the pictures we took of the craft project I did this weekend.

I used Mod Podge to decoupage 12 dresser drawers and to glitter-ize the knobs (OF AWESOME).


sparkly knobs!

voila! I'm painting the dressers RIGHT THIS MINUTE!


my light switch. I love Mod Podge.

so I'm painting the dressers a color that I'm unsure of. I might have to do a brighter color ... we will see.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craft Room is Crafty

I promised a month of no crafting and I almost succeeded. Both of my sons had a birthday in the month of January so I kept it to a minimum and only birthday related crafts were allowed. The boys wanted a glow-in-the-dark party, so we splatter painted sheets with neon paint and put up blacklights everywhere. It was fun, but now it's February which means I can get my craft on again.

The first thing I am doing is taking the office and turning into *my* space. I went to IKEA and spent entirely too much money. I bought 4 RAST dressers, and a countertop and cupboards for storage and then I painted my previously sage green room a bright cheery pink! I can't take pictures of it because the room is so small my camera doesn't work in that room what with the zoom lens, but rest assured I'll plaster AFTER pics.

I need the room completed two weeks from now so I can host a ladies craft day :) I'm so excited !