Tuesday, November 9, 2010

October in a heartbeat...

I have been so incredibly busy I can't even begin to describe the last month and a half.
one of the saddest things in the history of sadness is the fact that my camera busted.

One of the new things I learned in the craft world is screenprinting tshirts. I'd show you pictures but see the above sentence. it was amazingly difficult and I am still not sure I ENJOYED IT. see, my dad started a new business recently. He and his uncle have been doing vinyl graphics for a long time and have decided to branch out. Honestly, the graphics keep them pretty busy but they've been wanting to dabble in t-shirts for awhile. My dad bought all the stuff and they had a few test runs, but they procrastinated on a HUGE order and we ended up frantically printing off 300 tshirts for the Lepanto Terrapin Derby at the beginning of October. They aren't pros at it yet and the process is complicated and takes a long time. we had about 10 screens and each time we let them develop and started to rinse them, they would "blow out" and we'd have to scrub the screens and re-prep them. Day before the sale Dad stayed up all night, and I fell asleep with the baby around 3am. The day of the Derby was fun but we were all tired. on the way out the door to sell t-shirts, I picked up my camera bag, and the camera fell out and landed on the kitchen floor. I can't afford a new lens so I have to use my camera phone from now on. I'm just as sad as you are.

To prepare for our trip to visit my dad, I made the boys some Star Wars pegs. they aren't the best but I made them the night before (when I get all my inspiration!) the next few sets I make will be better. I have to make 2 sets for my nephews. I also need to make some gnomes and fairies for my niece.

I also took an idea from another blogger and had the boys (and a friend) come over and do flyswatter painting. it was a real laugh riot! of course the boys got more paint on themselves (or each other?) than on the paper, but it was SO MUCH FUN and washable :D


Also, a few weeks ago, Landon was having a really hard time sleeping so I let him stay up. I was working on some Halloween costumes, so I let him make a project. he has been begging and pleading for a Pillow Pet bumblebee so we made a bee pillow. it was all his idea. i pushed the fabric through and threaded the machine. he cut the fabric and everything else :)

This month has been unbelievably busy, can you tell? I made 3 halloween costumes (and didn't take pictures because of the whole sad camera situation. but two Strawberry Shortcake costumes (WITH TUTUS OMFG) and a scarecrow costume. I also made our Halloween costumes.

I was the TARDIS, and Landon and Oliver were Decepticons and because Mike didn't want to feel left out (and couldn't find his Harry Potter costume, and I didn't think about being the TARDIS soon enough to get him a Doctor costume together. but it took 15 minutes to make Mike's costume from inspiration to finish! I own Halloween. The TARDIS lit up and was awesome. I had people stop me in the street to take my picture. but probably because they thought I looked like a lighthouse (or a phone booth?) and would nod and smile politely when I told them that I was the TARDIS from a show called DOCTOR WHO. (dr. who?? Exactly.)

And what do you say? they transform? Sara you are absolutely AMAZING! people should give you awards for what an awesome mother you are! parades! with confetti cannons!

Landon is freaking over the moon about his costume. see!

he did this for almost every single house he went to :)

but what is this? over in Communist Oliverland, he's decided he wants to be an OLLIGATOR! TRAITOR!

except, this Olligator made transforming Transformer noises all night. (well, and the obvious chomping sounds)

my kids rule.

FWIW, I also made a Sideswipe that was way awesome and transformed, but it was kind of hard to wear.

this is the prototype, the real one was silver and painted etc and cardboard.

what's next? hibernation?
I'm having a crafting weekend this weekend with my BFF. I imagine a few new sets of peg guys, since I have a few tentative orders to create, and get cracking on those Christmas presents for my nephews and nieces.