Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello blogosphere!

Good morning! I am hoping to add some crafts I've already completed here, but also to keep tabs on my awesome progress in crafting. why do you want to read? because I'm awesome and you know it.

I'm currently working on painting older plastic outdoor toys.

our first was a Cozy Coupe. whenever I tell someone what we were doing, they'd say "what is a Cozy Coupe??" it's that little classic red/yellow plastic Flintstone car every single child has :) we have 2, both used.

Cozy Coupetastic!

Landon wanted it to be an Optimus Prime VW.

next to me beloved VW!!!

I think Oliver's will be the Batmobile!

The coolest thing we are doing is turning the Radio Flyer plastic wagon into a pirate ship! (I can't take credit for the idea -- I saw it on Craftster and became obsessed) We are heading to a Pirate festival this week on the coast, and the boys are really getting into the pirate spirit. I'm going to make vests and striped pants this week too. anyways, it's a lot more time consuming than I thought, just trying to get the sail anchored. I put the sail on this morning and my HOURS of work with the pvc pipe were in vain. it snapped off at the base. I think maybe shortening the pipes a bit and using sisal to tie it down on four sides will help, but who knows? it's an experiment. I considered appliqueing the skull on, but thought spray paint would be more fun. I was right. I really like it :)


I still need to touch up stuff and fix the PVC. the paint has to sit for 7 days but it's not going to get time to do that. i bet a sharpie will cover any red that shows up :)

In more family news, the boys are trying their best to be as crafty as possible. I love that in Landon's head I can make anything (and sometimes he says "well, could you just BUY IT?" ) and he's starting to recognize if it means I can be crafty, there is probably something in it for him. I set up a craft room (our guest room and about the size of a closet) a few weeks ago and we spent a lot of time in it last week. we did some reptile themed crafts that were kind of fun :)

but don't let the baby around acrylics. they are too tasty! mmmm tastes like a clothespin alligator!

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