Monday, August 16, 2010

AHOY Maties!

AH! the pirate ship was far more awesome than I thought it would be! I really think I nailed it, and I'm being modest. Oh sure, it could be improved, but nothing is perfect!

I'd just like to RAVE about Krylon plastic paint. it truly is amazing. my pirate ship is a little bit scratched up, but the cozy coupe sat for 7 days and it's seriously bonded with the original color! it's not going to get pulled off with use. AMAZING.

What do you think? do you think I'm full of it :)

here it is at the Beaufort Pirate Invasion in Beaufort, NC.

I used brown Krylon plastic paint (and a textured Krylon plastic shimmery black for the inside) and then a Sharpie marker to paint in the woodgrain. Like the name?

Oliver really liked it :)

we velcro'd the parrot to the top

DSC_3110 used a galvanized flange from the hardware store to stabilize the mast, but ultimately we had to use some rope to tie it around the body of the wagon to keep it from bending in the wind.

The boys tested it out before I put the anchor and the woodgrain on :) it took me 10 minutes to make their costumes. I already had Oliver's pants, and I made vests by tracing a tshirt.

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