Monday, December 20, 2010


I will just say that I have been busy! I still have a set of gnomes and a set of peg guys pending, but I *think* my SIL will be ok with them being late. I was so tired last night I just didn't have the energy to sit at the table. I didn't go to sleep, I sanded wooden animals.

we made cookies and salt dough ornaments yesterday! so much fun with friends :)

I wanted to share a few of the things we made this weekend with you for people's Christmas presents.

Mike is getting so good on the skill saw! he must have cut out 20 animals for the boys yesterday. I need a dust mask to use the Dremel sanding because man was I sneezy and coughing.

I drew them, Mike cut them out, I painted and finished them. I tried using a soy wax finish because I don't have any beeswax. I'm not SURE I liked it. it did absorb it though, and it's awfully soft, and my hands felt fantastically soft! They are for my friend's son who turns 1 a few days after Christmas!

farm animals for our friend's daughter! I used a satin varnish for it because she's not a baby and I'm sure she's past putting things in her mouth.

I can't wait to get the peg and gnomes out today so that I can work on the animals.

Christmas is so BUSY! but I think I'll have a small vacation over New Years!

Also, I have a hankering to learn how to embroider. I just can't do it on youtube and tutorials! I DON'T KNOW WHY but it bothers me. I don't know if I know any embroiderererers either. and I bet I can't find a class. *sigh* I'm no perfectionist but I don't like to fail.


  1. Hello, my talented friend! I'm loving all the cute wooden animals you've been working on. Tres adorable!

    Re: embroidery, I'm pretty certain Frankie used to do embroidery (like back in the 80s.) Maybe she could show you how it's done?

    In the last few days, I've decided I want to use the quilting square tool thingy I bought at HL when we went a few weeks ago to make a patchwork pillow. And I'm even considering a super-simple patchwork quilt to put on a single bed at my mom's house for J. (So maybe he can actually spend the night with her for once! This project has multiple motive angles behind it...)

    Okay, the lunar eclipse is almost complete... signing off for the night.

  2. OOOOOOOH! that would be fun! MAYBE I could ask Frankie! i just, no matter how many times I see these stitches I can't do them. but if I had someone to smack me around, I could probably figure it out!